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Melting Fudge for Flapjacks

Flapjack has been a family favourite in our house for years. Never did I experiment with anything other than a few chocolate drops. But since my sister started making fudge, I knew I had to try it as a topping. This recipe has been tried with both Intense Chocolate and Just Caramel Fudge. We can confirm both were delicious, very sweet but tasty!

The recipe:

340g Oats

115g Sugar (I have used brown & caster, both work well)

Mix in a large bowl

Melt in a pan over low heat;

115g Golden Syrup

200g Margarine or Butter

Once melted, do not boil, mix into the oats and sugar.

Pour into a tray and bake at for 30 mins till golden.

While cooking on a very low heat melt the fudge keep on low heat until flapjack done.

Top tips:

1.Cut flapjack in the tray while still warm so it doesnt crumble.

2. Then Pour melted fudge on while flapjack still warm.

Allow to cool fully then MUNCH! 😋

I used 3 fudge bars for the topping.

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