This Deluxe Box Of Handmade Cornish Fudge makes a wonderful present for that special person, maybe a work colleague, friend or a family to share.


This Deluxe box will have 5 fudge flavors of your choosing, and to compliment this perfect gift you can add a personal message if required. All for a set price of £15.50.


Each Bar weighs between 90 - 100g

Deluxe Fudge Box - Five Of Your Choice

Fudge Flavour 1
Fudge Flavour 2
Fudge Flavour 3
Fudge Flavour 4
Fudge Flavour 5
  • All Our Cornish Fudge can be kept at room temperature with no need to refrigerate. All our unwrapped Fudge can be kept for four to six weeks. Wrapped Fudge - due to recent events we began to package, these all have their own BB dates on their lable. But I'm sure it will not last that long, its to delicious to let it sit around.


All our packaging is 100% Biodegradable.

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